Montessori Teacher Training

Established in 2012, The Florida Montessori Center (International Teacher Training Institute) has always been focused on propagating the Montessori method in its true and authentic form to all parts of the community in India and abroad.

Florida Montessori center is the by-product of experts from the U.K & U.S, to produce high quality Montessori trained professionals. Our curriculum has been formulated keeping in mind the international education trends and methodologies to provide a world class exposure. The core curriculum and the training methodology are developed by seasoned Montessori professionals.

The Pre-primary and Primary Diploma course developed and validated by experts from U.K and U.S Universities is designed to provide diploma level qualification for the Montessori community.

F.M.C offers a 6 month (500 hrs) diploma course focusing on the Montessori philosophy and deep rooted understanding of the five areas of the Montessori method. Graduates are awarded a certificate in Montessori teaching which is recognized in U.S.A and worldwide.

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