Montessori With Mommy

“The Montessori with Mummy program is a great opportunity for mothers, fathers, grandparents or nannies to explore the Montessori environment with a child.”

Why Mommy & Me Montessori?

Have fun with your child.

See your child grow as she/ he joyfully explore the Montessori environment, experiments with Montessori materials, and discovers the children around her/him.

Meet other Parents

Ten families with similarly aged children join each Montessori with Mummy session. Parents have the opportunity to socialize and meet like minded parents and share experiences.

Develop your parenting tool kit

The infant and toddler years are very exciting, but also challenging. Montessori principles can help you make the most of this precious time. Each week, our trainer Montessori guide will offer thought on topics that are on every parents mind. Leave with practical tips for applying Montessori ideas at home.

Try out the Montessori program

Montessori with Mummy is your chance to experience “Montessori in a nutshell”. You and your child will be in a Montessori classroom, experience some of the typical daily activities, and learn from an experienced Montessori professional. Seeing is believing: if you are at all unsure if Montessori might be right for your child and family, you will have your answer after this class!